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We work towards engaging, spotting and discovering talents that will take your business to the next level, the people who are going to make significant contributions to your organization in terms of growth, culture and reliability.

Our customized recruitment strategies have immensely contributed towards many successful recruitment campaigns for our clients. We believe that our clients differ from each other in their respective sector, region and culture. Therefore, our recruitment generalists and consultants are sure to create a specialized recruitment drive that targets the right-fit people for your organization.

We source top talents from a large pool of candidates and evaluate their sustainability and competence to integrate with the company’s culture and traditions. Through this process, we can successfully minimize the factors that may negatively affect their performance.

You Deserve the Best Recruiting Firm

“At Hardcore Trucking Solutions, we provide you with well evaluated and credible driver candidates. We make the best use of your time by presenting you with appropriate applicants that best match the criteria for the available positions.”

Two contrasting shiny modern black and white big rigs semi trucks with a trailers and a high sleeper cab for truckers relaxing on truck stop move side by side along the interstate highway carrying commercial goods.

We provide you with endless possibilities and unique, yet highly successful and effective recruitment solutions.

We are professionals in eliminating guesswork; we select the right person for the right position. We look for the drive, synergy and beliefs in candidates in addition to their skills and experience. We search for people who possess the same determination to succeed that we do.

We have an extensive database of candidates to offer clients with endless hiring options.

Our team has worked together since 2017 offering expertise, knowledge, experience and communication. Innovators in our organization help us excel in providing efficient and effective recruitment services to our partners. Our quest for innovation-led generation helps us combine our existing expertise and innovation to provide top-notch service to our clients. The HTS team is continuously trained to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge to maintain an unmatched service level.

Building relationships, not just numbers

Our goal is to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. This is the best way to identify your culture, which enables us to efficiently and effectively find the proper talent to fill the void in your organization. The long-lasting relationships we build are based on ethics, trust and integrity. We are led by satisfaction, not commission.

Additionally, the professional and close-knit relationships we build with our candidates assists us in identifying their strengths and challenges so that we can prepare them for the next job role that suits.

Why choose us for your recruitment needs?

You should consider working with us when you require the expertise of an experienced team of recruitment consultants, who tirelessly work and excel at sourcing candidates to deliver the capability and competency your organization needs.